Big Data, Big Headaches

improveThe marketing promise of big data is dazzling, but the reality is overwhelming.  ‘Big data’ isn’t a nice little feature that we can effortlessly add to our marketing programs.  Big Data is a new skill set, representing new technology and a new way of thinking.  Most of us do not have the time, resources, skills or inclination to drop everything and sit down to master Big Data today.  Our day jobs are busy enough, especially since the advent of ad tech and programmatic and marketing automation.

We need help.  We don’t need big data.  We need little data.  We need just the data that are going to help us make the next right decision for our campaigns.

Isabelle_Kane_HeadshotData analysis, insights, and practical, actionable recommendations are the largest gap in today’s online marketing landscape. As so eloquently described by New Media and Marketing, “Any geek can set up pages or analytics but it takes a marketer who understands the why and how consumers use the Internet to bridge brand objectives with user needs.”

At SimplyDIRECT we turn big data into useful insights and recommendations for turnkey, survey-based demand generation programs.  We do the heavy lifting for our clients.

Curious how we can help you tackle your Big Data mess? Give us a call.