Demand generation isn’t what it used to be.


Today’s companies are competing for attention across traditional and social channels. Your always-on target audience is distracted by data and technology – so how do you break through the noise and clutter and stand out from your competitors?

SimplyDIRECT executes innovative Account Based Marketing (ABM) lead generation campaigns to deliver sales leads that are ready to learn about your offerings.

Our executive research surveys deliver just the right amount of information about your prospects so your sales team will know exactly where they are in the buyer’s journey and how best to approach them to have a productive, meaningful conversation.

We start with database cleansing to make sure we’ve got the right target audience. We then interview your demand-generation stakeholders in a persona-creation discovery session to learn what will resonate with your target audience: what are their goals, needs and interests?

Next, based on the persona-creation session we craft a survey that is deployed to your target audience. The responses yield pre-qualified leads.

Furthermore, the survey results can be repurposed to create additional nurture assets so you can continue the conversation with your prospects throughout the sales cycle.

You are my #1 program in terms of opportunity conversions.