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Typically, a seller goes into a prospective customer discussion blind. There is a great deal of information they don’t know. Common practice for some businesses is to start sales outreach with a qualification call. 

Intelligent Sales Leads: Are you buying leads, or just a list?

How does your lead generation vendor define a “lead”?

On-Demand Data: The Most Accurate Data Possible

Are you confident your marketing data is up-to-date? Chances are it’s not, if the list you bought was developed prior to COVID-19.

Generate Leads in 5 Easy Steps

SimplyDIRECT can help you create a new path forward despite current market conditions. Learn how to generate leads in 5 easy steps.

Intent Data: Rocket Fuel

SimplyDirect Intent Informed Surveys generate more urgent leads. 2.5X more likely to respond “call now” or “email me now”.

Emerging Solutions Buying Trends: IT Service Management

Why do people buy an IT Service Management solution? What are they looking for from an ITSM vendor? As a sales research company, we’ve collected surveys from hundreds of professionals, asking them these questions. This thought leadership report is part of a series of sales intelligence guides, drawn from survey intelligence gathered on behalf of our clients who offer ITSM solutions