How SimplyDIRECT Can Inform Your Marketing Plan

Chances are, especially given the current business environment, your marketing plan has changed, or it needs to change.

On-Demand Data: The Most Accurate Data Possible

With so many of our workforce currently laid off or furloughed, are you confident your marketing data is up-to-date? Chances are it’s not, if the list you bought was developed prior to COVID-19? Data is at the core of every…
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Creative ways to incorporate data insights into a sales training

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but data can have the opposite effect. We continuously hear that this is the age of Big Data, but the volume of information can be overwhelming — Isabelle Kane and I have discussed…
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Can You Predict the Buyer’s Intent?

Can You Predict the Buyer’s Intent? When you look through your lists of prospects do you sometimes wish for a magical net to capture those that will be productive and flush those that won’t? There is a lot of effort…
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Do You Know Where That Data Has Been?

Do You Know Where That Data Has Been? Even though marketers collect copious amounts of first-party data, most find they need more in order to optimize their digital marketing strategies. In fact, in a recent survey 6 out of 10…
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