On-Demand Data: The Most Accurate Data Possible


With so many of our workforce currently laid off or furloughed, are you confident your marketing data is up-to-date? Chances are it’s not, if the list you bought was developed prior to COVID-19?

Data is at the core of every outbound marketing campaign. It is the fuel upon which these campaigns depend. If you get the data wrong, your email messages go nowhere, postal packages rot in a mailroom, phone numbers are bad… and your BDR team trashes the marketing team (again).

Before you buy from well-known sources like Discover.Org, D&B/Hoovers, or InsideView ask one of their sales reps…

  • When was the data last confirmed?
  • Do they guarantee accuracy of the entire contact record or just the email?
  • Does it include postal deliverable addresses of where the individual is located (not just headquarters)?

Did you know that some of the above mentioned data sources have actually bought data from SimplyDIRECT. Why? Because we build data on demand.

What does “On-demand data” mean? SimplyDIRECT has a team that researches every contact name and every individual – on demand for every unique program.

Not every company. Every contact.

When you buy data from SimplyDIRECT, each contact name is researched (using LinkedIn, the employer’s website, social sources, etc.) and if we cannot confirm through those sources, we’ll call the company and do a live confirmation of:

  • the individual
  • their job title
  • their email address
  • their phone number

Look, we don’t get it perfect. Keep in mind that data starts to go bad as soon as it’s developed: It has the shelf life of fresh fish. This is why you should always ask your data provider, “When was the data last confirmed?”

What a challenge this presents to data providers! That’s why we at SimplyDIRECT are committed to building contacts on demand, individually for each client, according to their specs, delivered fresh just as its about to be consumed in an important campaign.

To see for yourself how we can support your marketing efforts with on-demand data, try out our service with 25 free contacts. Happy Hunting!