How SimplyDIRECT Can Inform Your Marketing Plan

Chances are, especially given the current business environment, your marketing plan has changed, or it needs to change.

Case Study: How Genwi gained market traction with prospect surveys

Case Study:  How Genwi gained market traction with prospect surveys The market for marketing technology is hot, expected to  generate $32 billion in 2016 for companies providing solutions. But with almost 1,900 marketing technology companies across 43 different product categories,…
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How prospect surveys aided Apperian in refining target market

How prospect surveys aided Apperian in refining target market Gaining a deeper understanding of customer characteristics is critical in order to effectively drive future marketing campaigns. Many marketing programs today are focused on content development, but if marketing professionals aren’t…
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B2B Content Marketing: Making the Most of Your Blockbuster Content

A successful B2B content marketing strategy isn’t just about generating great content – although that’s key.  It’s also about deploying focused and targeted content in a comprehensive and deliberate manner where your audience can find it when they need it. …
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How To Make Your Event Stand Out With Target Accounts

A recent study found that events are the most effective marketing method for generating demand with target accounts1. But if you ever have to deal with the challenges of putting together a successful event, you’ll know that the biggest problem…
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Finding Target Account Decision Makers

What is a decision maker?  We all make decisions. Thousands and thousands every day.  What clothes to wear.  Pick up the toothbrush first or the hairbrush?  Former President Bill Clinton recently said that George W. Bush had it right:  the…
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Ensure campaign success with prospect surveys

Prospect surveys may be easier to do than you think, and leveraging the results in a timely fashion can have a major impact on campaign success.   In a recent blog post – “Proof That It Never Hurts To Ask”1,…
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