Case Study: How Genwi gained market traction with prospect surveys

LIsa Vitale marketing GuruCase Study:  How Genwi gained market traction with prospect surveys

The market for marketing technology is hot, expected to  generate $32 billion in 2016 for companies providing solutions. But with almost 1,900 marketing technology companies across 43 different product categories, getting noticed by the right buyers is a challenge. Determined to stand out quickly, Genwi turned to SimplyDIRECT and our proven survey-based lead generation program.

Genwi’s Mobile Content Engagement Platform helps companies create and deploy a sales enablement app that gives reps streamlined access to content from across the enterprise, enables them to customize and share relevant content with prospects, tracks all user activity and integrates with existing systems and workflows so it’s tailored to the needs of the company.

The company has a great story. But cold calling wasn’t going to be able to provide traction fast enough to meet the company’s aggressive goals.

Making a big splash

SDFunnel“We were in a new market, and we wanted to make a big splash,” explains Rajesh Soundar, Vice President of Sales at Genwi. “We were already developing content, but we didn’t want to wait to build our own sales pipeline through cold calls. We needed a very turnkey, fast way to get connected with the right buyers.”

SimplyDIRECT’s program helped Genwi find the demand it was looking for so that the company could launch right into its sales cycle and build a more robust pipeline.

When Genwi launched its first campaign with SimplyDIRECT, it contracted to receive 150 completed surveys from its selected accounts. Rajesh says that without the campaign, Genwi’s sales team would have taken at least three months just to find the best contacts through cold calls. Turning those into sales calls would have added another one to two months onto the process.

Genwi obtained a custom-build prospect database with up-to-date, role based contacts, all phone-verified by SimplyDIRECT to ensure accuracy and help identify decision makers in key accounts. Fresh names and e-mails mean greater campaign efficiency and higher response rates.

Going directly to the source

Then a sample of Genwi’s new prospect database was surveyed to garner insights from individual prospects, as well as to gain the collective pulse of your target audience. Prospect surveys are an exceedingly efficient tool, permitting you to reach, engage, and qualify your prospects, all while providing valuable insight into a highly targeted market. They can play a crucial role in testing new and existing marketing themes. That was instrumental in shaping Genwi’s marketing strategy.

“The campaign results validated that our program’s messaging needed refinement,” Rajesh says. “Because of SimplyDIRECT, we were connecting with the right people, and that allowed us to look at how we were positioning ourselves. Because of that, there was greater traction from this program than others.”

Rather than waiting and hoping for a cold-calling campaign to fruition, Genwi was connected with the right buyers right away and each had already completed a detailed questionnaire offering real insight. The company could launch right into its sales cycle and build a more robust pipeline.

With the initial campaign still providing leads, Genwi decided to execute a second campaign with SimplyDIRECT. In expanding its pipeline, getting more leads, and building its own content library using information collected in the surveys, Genwi is getting the traction that it wanted, and gaining insights for future sales efforts. You can view or download this PDF to learn more about Genwi’s experience with prospect surveys.