Engage your target market with these types of survey research

Create messages that resonate with different types of survey research.

Engage your target market with these types of survey research

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Create messages that resonate with different types of survey research.Wouldn’t it be great if you could get inside the heads of your target audience – to understand their current situation, their motivators, what keeps them up at night? What are their interests? How likely are they to make a buying decision? Are they even the person that makes the buying decision? This is what we help you do with our various types of survey research. We’ve been generating qualified leads for our clients with our opt-in surveys for more than two decades. Our research surveys help you learn about your target audience so you can know best how to get and stay engaged.

Types of survey research from Gatepoint Research

We offer several different types of survey research programs. We can survey into your whitespace accounts, your existing clients or we can re-engage your leads with a “Harvester” survey to move them along your pipeline. Another option is we can enhance a targeted list of accounts with intent data to engage your prospects exactly when they’re shopping for solutions such as yours.

Our account-based survey process means that all responders are drawn from your target titles at your target companies. Responders will answer all the survey questions and opt-in to be contacted. We administer the survey on your behalf to instill confidence and increase candor in responses.

Getting the data right

Before we create and launch your survey, we ensure we get the contact data right. We research contacts for you to create your target list, using specific criteria companies, locations, topics of interest, revenue, SIC codes, industries, etc.  Additionally, we can survey your existing customers, or we can use your data from paid, earned, or owned campaigns. Do you have a list of webinar attendees, tradeshow visitors, or people who have downloaded something from your website? These are perfect for our “Harvester” survey campaign.

Once we’ve got the data right, we sit down with your marketing and your sales team to craft a survey that will resonate with your target audience. This ensures the results yield actionable information for your team.

Your next steps

 You can use the data you’ve generated with your survey campaign as part of your content creating efforts for ongoing nurture.

Some examples include:

The Pulse Report – We perform data analytics on the results of all types of survey research and present the information in an executive snapshot using colorful graphs and tables. The Pulse Report can be used as a door opener when you’re making follow up calls with responders, or as a way to introduce yourself to those on your target list who declined to take the survey.

Infographics – We use the data from the Pulse Report to tell a story with eye-catching visual snapshots that you can share on social media.

White Paper – We help you create a document that uses the survey research results to support your thought leadership and establish you as a leader in your industry.

 Use one of our types of survey research to get engaged with new prospects or stay engaged with customers. The knowledge you gain about your prospects and customers will help you have better conversations and provide better customer service.

Learn more about our different types of survey research here and request samples here.