Recharging Dormant Leads

LIsa Vitale marketing GuruRecharging Dormant Leads

What do you do with dead-end leads? I’m talking about those leads who go dormant after the initial “opt in” engagement. At SimplyDIRECT, we view this challenge as a golden opportunity.

According to Marketo, on average between 25 to 50 percent of all contacts fall into the “inactive” category – people who have “Raised their hand in the past, either through showing intent, engagement or making a prior purchase.[i]

At SimplyDIRECT, our process of awakening dormant leads has been averaging over 10% for our clients—and this from lists we’ve already whittled down to en­sure that each remaining prospect is the right prospect.

Marketers know it is easier and more cost-effective to re-engage dormant leads rather than to find new ones. At some point they opted in and identified themselves as interested in your solution. But while you may be tempted to re-engage as many of these leads as possible, you first need to determine which leads are the right prospects to pursue.

Here are three key ingredients for re-charging dormant web leads:


  • dormantleadsFirst mine your list for gold. There’s no sense in wasting resources chasing students who have downloaded a white paper for classroom purposes so cull the list to ensure the remaining leads are ‘actively marketable’ then deploy a carefully crafted survey to gain deeper insight and under-standing of these prospects and their needs.


  • Know your buyer. If you combine individual survey results with your initial research, as well as data captured regarding pages visited/items downloaded when prospects were last on your site, you will be able to decide how to best re-engage prospects.


  • Re-work, tailor and humanize your message. Use your research to build a new ‘dormant’ buyer persona; determine your prospect’s ultimate goal and motivations, then use these insights to craft messages and conversations to resonate and connect.

With some tenacity on your part to re-engage prospects who have already expressed their interest, along with a more comprehensive and individualized understanding

of each prospect, you will lay a solid foundation for a successful re-engagement campaign.

Information collected from prospect surveys helps establish a personalized relationship. When your marketing or sales team reaches out they be able to speak directly to the prospect’s logistical needs and challenges.

We believe it is important to not just send one email when re-engaging a dormant lead. Offer an incentive and include it in your subject line. Make sure you reference their prior engagement and suggest new content related to their prior interests that they haven’t seen before. Finally use the survey results to inform a new marketing strategy.

Ask yourself, what could you do with 10% more highly targeted and newly active leads? For more insight into how our process works, please download “Our Success Formula for Re-charging Dormant Web Leads” and take advantage of our free 25 hard-to-discover contacts offer.