SimplyDIRECT Cited as a Top ABM Resource


SimplyDIRECT Cited as a Top ABM Resource

LIsa Vitale marketing GuruSimplyDIRECT Cited as a Top ABM Resource

It’s always nice to be recognized for doing your job, particularly when you weren’t seeking any particular accolade. So it was a pleasure to hear from Docurated that they have included SimplyDIRECT in its list of “Top Account-Based Marketing Resources: The Best Articles, Webinars, Tutorials, and More on Account-Based Marketing.[i]

Simply Direct was cited for The Quick-Start Guide to Account Based Marketing–The What, Why & How. Our guide focuses on ABM as a more effective and efficient marketing plan that is ideal for broadening and deepening existing customer relationships.


Docurated, an enterprise productivity and document management solution geared to sales and marketing teams, pointed to three key strategies from the guide:


  • Develop criteria for account selection after working with sales to clarify collective goals and establish the metrics needed to assess success
  • Map content needs using a matric and mapping content to the appropriate buyer stages, in the preferred formats and via the best channels
  • Analyze content consumption to determine the effectiveness of your message and adjust your content matrix and checklist as needed


Over the past year and a half we’ve written several times[ii] about the rationale of ABM and why it’s generating so much interest and excitement in the industry.

As our ABM guide points out, “Many companies have a few very large accounts, which individually buy as much as a small market segment. ABM leverages this fact by treating the largest accounts as they were markets with a focus on quality, not quantity. It targets the most suitable and likely-to-buy accounts, as well as key decision makers within those accounts.”

We’ve also made the case that ABM essentially amounts to qualified lead generation, something that is near and dear to our heart. If you don’t already know, we focus on helping marketing teams identify, engage and qualify prospects with maximum precision through custom database building into target accounts.

We specialize in account penetration by delivering accurate, high-level contact information for Director, Vice President and C-level decision makers as well as managers who are intimately involved in the selection process. But while much of the industry right now is focusing on technology solutions for ABM, we firmly believe that success requires more than the ability to deliver focused content to relevant IP addresses.

Finding the individual high-level executives and managers involved in purchase decisions and understanding their business and emotional needs and challenges provides sales teams with insight-selling capabilities. Check out our free trial offer to develop 25 hard-to-discover contacts of your choice.