SimplyDIRECT Creates High-Response Lead Nurturing Systems

August 28, 2006 – Sudbury, MA SimplyDIRECT announced today the formal release of a service that nurtures leads using content automatically created by the system.

“This is really cool,” said Doug Barth, company president. “It’s a closed-loop cycle for lead generation.” The company has long had a proprietary system that links a customer’s database with a system that offers on-line surveys to target accounts. But the research gleaned from those surveys was inconsistently used by clients. “The market’s trend data and opinions were generated from the surveying, but the focus was on the leads. Now the system creates market reports automatically – branded as Pulse Reports – and offers them back to the target accounts.

As a result, many of the company’s clients are finding that offering this Pulse Report back to the leads – or any other list plugged into the system (a client’s marketing database, web leads, prospects, etc.) – makes for a compelling free download.

“We’ve seen response rates of over 30%,” Barth said. “People find reading about trends in their market or solution area very compelling.” In most cases responders have to answer a brief update survey, typically 3 questions, in order to receive the Pulse Report.

“Many clients acknowledge that they do a poor job of nurturing leads and prospects,” Barth continued. “And they have limited materials to offer them. Now our surveying system creates its own nurturing content. It is a very effective closed-loop design for budget-strapped marketing teams.”