Direct Mail

Free List of 25 Human Verified Contacts
Account Based Marketing Direct Mail Campaigns Our human verified contacts are 95%+ accurate — perfect for prospecting with direct mail!

Let Us Build 25 Human Verified Names!

What’s in a name? Everything. We’ll find you 25 good contacts for free if you try us out.


With our direct mail ABM approach, we get you into your top-tier accounts and deliver:

  • Multi-touch direct mail campaigns
  • Content that walks prospects through the buyer’s journey
  • Small gifts with each drop that helps sales get the meeting
  • Multiple opportunities to engage and get the conversation started

Advantages to our direct mail approach:

  • Targeted and relevant ABM
  • Emphasis on penetration and engagement
  • Ability to engage a small number of accounts

SimplyDIRECT’s approach to supporting our business development team has far exceeded our expectations. We are already seeing returns on ‘meetings set’ above 20% and only halfway through our campaign.

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