Lead nurturing with content at any stage of the buyers journey

To ensure your messages stand out, create timely and relevant content that aligns with stages of the buyer’s journey.

Make market segmentation more meaningful with psychographics

Common approaches to market segmentation include classifying the target audience by industry, geography, company size, or persona. These market segmentation methods don’t set you apart from your competitors, though, because while it might take a little digging or research, almost…
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Database marketing: the foundation for campaign success

Database marketing — you have probably heard the term, but what exactly does it mean?   As opposed to the shotgun approach, where you blast the same message out to everyone, database marketing is the discipline of collecting data about…
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If you build it, why won’t they come?

If you build it, why won’t they come? Your digital assets aren’t generating worthwhile inquiries and purchased lists aren’t proving their value. What’s going on? Lets review some common problems. In honor of David Letterman’s recent retirement, I’ve fashioned this…
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