Aligning ESG Initiatives to Strategy and Value
Responsible investing has elevated the value of tracking environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts, but getting at the data is difficult. 40% of surveyed organizations have limited visibility to ESG data. Many companies are using spreadsheets and time consuming manual processes to track and inform strategic ESG decisions. Check out the full report to see how executives responded.

 Operational Technology Security Strategies
A single malware or ransomware attack can compromise a manufacturer’s reputation, or worse. While ransomware remains at the top of the list of manufacturers concerns, OT device attacks are a growing threat. This survey highlights manufacturers concerns, preparedness and cross functional alignment. Check out the results.

2022 Customer Service Trends
At the heart of all service-centered organizations is the customer. But good service is no longer good enough. Customers demand innovation, too. Companies who put their customers on the proverbial pedestal and anticipate their every need will keep the consumer, reap market gains and attain higher revenue. How are service organizations changing to create unforgettable customer service in this high-demand

2020 Customer Service Trends
Customers expect the very best service for their money, whether they have a choice of vendors or not. Customer service solutions are central to best-in-class performance, but are companies getting all they need from their solutions? Review this report to see what 200 surveyed executives had to share.

Intelligent Approaches to Resilient IT Operations and AIOps
Between October and December 2020, Gatepoint Research invited selected executives to participate in a survey themed Intelligent Approaches to Resilient IT Operations and AIOps. Survey participants represent firms from a wide variety of industries including business services, consumer services, education, financial services, healthcare, media, manufacturing (general, primary and high tech), mining, public administration, retail trade, telecom services, transportation, utilities, and wholesale trade.