Market Segmentation and Relevant Messaging: Keys to Effective Marketing

Marketing becomes effective when you connect on a personal level; by referencing your prospect’s name, their job, their industry, and their pain. The closer you can get to the individual, the greater chance you’ll have of using the right messaging to strike a nerve and get a response.

The Future of Marketing is About Trust

Admittedly, I don’t get a lot of the new world of communication.  I notice my brother putting a post on Facebook about the status of his bathroom renovation, and instantly there are 31 “likes.”  Huh? What are they liking?  Why…
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How to Reach Decision Makers

Marketing is often given mixed messages about what’s expected.  Demand generation – creating a flow of leads – is not the same as the goal of reaching decision-makers, but it is often spoken synonymously.    When you’re tasked with reaching…
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Finding Target Account Decision Makers

What is a decision maker?  We all make decisions. Thousands and thousands every day.  What clothes to wear.  Pick up the toothbrush first or the hairbrush?  Former President Bill Clinton recently said that George W. Bush had it right:  the…
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Account Penetration: Going in Cold

Account penetration is often the first step in the long, long process of making a B2B sale. Where would you prefer to start? Your own network, of course, your eponymous “Rolodex.” Better still, your friends, your relatives, your buds. Remember…
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Succeeding at B2B sales …and High School Dating

I have a confession to make.  When I was in high school I was a total nerd, devoid of social skills.  It was just my dad and I living in a big house, and no women to counsel us on…
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Ideas that Generate Compelling Content and Good Leads

Let me guess:  your job requires you to come up with a string of ideas to “grab” IT decision makers, and you’ve run out of zingers.  Running a survey can provide a cornucopia of ideas.  Let me see if we…
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How a 40 Year Old Start-up Builds a Prospect List

Often the best answers are found from within.   This is particularly true with mature organizations.  Somewhere, someone has faced the same challenges you have, has built that prospect list before, and has some very usable answers.  Let me begin with…
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Creating a Database for Account Penetration

  How do most marketers create a database?  Does the marketer go off and simply order a big pull of data or purchases a list and hopes that these yummy target accounts are represented?  To load the sales funnel with…
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