Why is Data Hygiene Important in Marketing?

When marketing campaigns fail and the post-mortem is conducted, companies tend to point to the message, timing, or execution  everything but what is at the core of every marketing campaign: data. Your customer contact data is the fuel on…
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Effective B2B Marketing Planning Begins with Understanding Your Target Customers

Savvy business owners know that they need to do effective business planning to be successful. Any business plan should include a robust marketing plan with its own set of goals, strategies and tactics. B2B marketing planning needs to be very…
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Capturing Customers’ Attention During These Crazy Times

  Your customers are busy and have limited attention spans as it is. So, with everything going on right now with the pandemic and the upcoming election, it’s harder than ever to get in front of your prospects, grab their…
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Using Storytelling to Engage and Connect with Customers

How many times have you been contacted by a salesperson with a pitch that was robotically delivered without a focus on your business and what it might need? Or received a piece of content from a company that didn’t speak…
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Online Lead Generation: Not All Leads are Created Equal

Online lead generation can be a complex endeavor that consumes your entire sales and marketing force. After all, generating business starts with generating leads and, as we know, there are numerous tactics and techniques for lead generation. The main challenges…
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How SimplyDIRECT Can Inform Your Marketing Plan

Chances are, especially given the current business environment, your marketing plan has changed, or it needs to change.

On-Demand Data: The Most Accurate Data Possible

With so many of our workforce currently laid off or furloughed, are you confident your marketing data is up-to-date? Chances are it’s not, if the list you bought was developed prior to COVID-19? Data is at the core of every…
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Building the (Near) Perfect Database

You may think that a business contact’s direct mail data is accurate, but is it? Like more and more companies today, you may be going back to using direct mail to engage your customers and prospects, especially after experiencing the…
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Personas play a crucial role in creating targeted content

Personas play a crucial role in creating targeted content At some point you have probably created a buyer persona – a description or definition of your marketing audience. But, are you among those who feel that creating a “persona” is…
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SimplyDIRECT Guide Featured in “Top Account-Based Marketing Resources”

Docurated just released their list of “Top Account-Based Marketing Resources: The Best Articles, Webinars, Tutorials, and More on Account-Based Marketing,” and SimplyDIRECT made the list. Congratulations! You can see the full list here: Docurated an enterprise productivity and document management solution with…
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