The Art and Science of Prospecting

SimplyDIRECT helps you identify, engage and qualify prospects with maximum precision through custom database building and survey-based lead generation.

  • We’re on the cutting edge of account-based marketing. SimplyDIRECT was early to recognize that marketers can’t afford a shotgun approach to prospecting—it’s inefficient and costly. Our account-based approach focuses on the right contacts, in the right accounts.
  • We’re flexible. SimplyDIRECT can accommodate most data and survey requests. Tell us what you need and we’ll give it to you straight what we can and can’t deliver.
  • We’re accountable. We appreciate the pressure on you and your bottom line. We guarantee both the accuracy of the databases we develop for you and your campaign response rates.

Founded in 1996, SimplyDIRECT is based in Maynard, Massachusetts, with offices in San Francisco and New York. GatePoint Research is our wholly-owned research subsidiary.

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