SimplyDIRECT Receives Expanded Assignments

November 15, 2004 – Sudbury , MA As SimplyDIRECT broadened its service offerings in 2004, more of its client based saw reason to award the company with more and expanded assignments.

“We give out clients more and more reason to rely on us as a prospecting partner,” company president Doug Barth explained.

Expanded assignments included:

Cyveillance . Used SimplyDIRECT on a lead generation project in July, and by September a new lead generation project was kicked off to support a new product line in a new market segment.

Elance . Followed on an initial lead generation project with a with a contact database building assignment, needed by the client to support a regional seminar series strategy.

Geac . A long-term lead generation client engaged SimplyDIRECT to build a comprehensive target database based on specific enterprise product installs and key contacts.

Akamai . Appended its two debut lead generation projects with both a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) assignment and an engagement to clean, append and filter a huge database of inquires it had generated with its own marketing activities.

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