SimplyDIRECT offers marketing solutions for a down economy

January 11, 2009 – Sudbury, MA

“I’ve cut everything in my budget except SimplyDIRECT.” So explains Oonagh O’Regan, Director of Marketing for Vaultus, provider of mobile application access solutions. Except for those marketing departments who’ve stopped all spending, maintaining forward progress often means sharpening your focus only on the targets that matter. To Vaultus, and others, this translates to precisely identifying key contacts, in high-value accounts, and then maximizing response rates to programs designed to engage and qualify those targets.

“Ours is a one-two punch,” explained Doug Barth, president of SimplyDIRECT. “We first build super high-accuracy email lists, and then design lead gen programs that achieve guaranteed high response rates within your key accounts.”

“SimplyDIRECT got us into 62% of the accounts we targeted,” said Terry Hunt, Director of Marketing Programs for E2open. “That’s just amazing. And because they don’t do with telemarketing, the person contacted is often more open to an extended dialogue.”

“More than ever the people who buy our services are putting their jobs on the line,” Barth said. “We respect that, and take every assignment very, very seriously.”

SimplyDIRECT is a marketing services firm that helps clients identify, engage and qualify prospects with maximum precision. Its offerings include survey-based lead generation, building target account databases and cleaning and enhancing inquiries and leads. Founded in 1996 and based in Sudbury, Massachusetts the company is privately held.

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