SimplyDIRECT announces New Products Groups

March 8 th, 2004 – Sudbury , MA SimplyDIRECT announced today that it is offering an integrated prospecting solution to companies that regard their website as a major hub of lead generation activities.

While already established as a leader in building target databases – and using surveys to elicit company profiles from executives within that database – by mating these to a website they can quickly help capture and qualify traffic.

Thus, the new offerings integrate SimplyDIRECT’s traditional outbound lead generation with qualified inbound lead generation.

New offers highlights include:

  • Search marketing capabilities added. SimplyDIRECT can now help generate targeted website traffic by optimizing search engine marketing efforts.
  • Web lead capture and scoring. By integrating SimplyDIRECT’s target databases with their websites, and using contextually relevant surveys, client’s websites can become “lead machines”.
  • Updated data mining technology, augmented with custom research, can result in better, faster database development.
  • Continued high response rates to client campaigns using more advanced on-line survey techniques.

“We’re really integrating all our strengths into a package,” Barth pointed out. “With search marketing we’re driving quality traffic to a website. With on-line surveys on that same site we’re capturing that traffic. And with target databases ‘bolted’ to the site we’re adding value to the leads as they come in. It all hangs together.”

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