SimplyDIRECT to end 2009 with Record Revenue

December 10 2009 – Maynard, MA SimplyDIRECT is experiencing solid growth and will end 2009 with record revenue. “It seems to really come down to three things, explained Lisa Vitale, SimplyDIRECT’s president.

Accountability: Marketers have to be more careful than ever to ensure their marketing investments yield a return. SimplyDIRECT has always guaranteed response rates to its campaigns, as well as accuracy on the lists it develops. Vitale provides context: “That’s heresy to most marketing firms, a guarantee of both quality and quantity.”

Trend toward Account-Based Marketing: “Boiling the ocean” is an unaffordable approach. SimplyDIRECT has always been about marketing just to the accounts and individuals that matter. “Most sales teams already have identified their ‘wish list’ of accounts,” Vitale said. “Why not market only to them instead of broadcasting your message or offer to companies that will never buy or you don’t even want as clients?”

Trust: For 13 years, SimplyDIRECT has carefully built a reputation of being a trustworthy partner. When your job is on the line, you go with vendors who’ve never let you down.

“The individuals we work with today have been with us for years. Our first clients are still with us today, “Vitale said.

SimplyDIRECT is enjoying its best year. Whether it is new clients confidently trying the account-based marketing approach, or existing clients that have been with us for 13 years, they all depend on SimplyDIRECT.

About SimplyDIRECT Inc.

SimplyDIRECT is a marketing services firm that helps clients identify, engage and qualify prospects with maximum precision. Its offerings include survey-based lead generation, building target account databases and cleaning and enhancing inquiries and leads. Founded in 1996 and based in Maynard, Massachusetts the company is privately held.

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