Company Wins Multiple Roll-Out Engagements

April 18, 2005 – Sudbury, MA    The second quarter of 2005 has blossomed along with the Spring weather for SimplyDIRECT, as numerous clients have either found considerable success in the early stages of an engagement, or have committed to going forward with a campaign roll-out after trying out the company with an initial Pilot project.

The company’s offerings fall into two categories:   target database development and survey-based lead generation.   Often a Pilot project will evaluate the company’s capabilities in either or both.   Typical initial database-building projects call for SimplyDIRECT to build small contact databases, assignments which often roll-out into larger sized databases.   Lead generation Pilot engagements are often for small-volume surveying – such as 70-100 response assignments – which then roll-out to campaigns that seek to produce a higher volume of leads or leads committed to over a longer duration, such as a fixed number of leads per month for six months.

SimplyDIRECT’s more recent, debut projects have been with the following clients:

  • Ignite Technologies, Dallas, TX                    Digital Communications Distribution
  • VoxVue, Waltham, MA                         Business Intelligence Modeling Tools
  • Epiance, Milpitas, CA                              Business Process Solutions
  • GemStone, Beaverton, OR             Enterprise Data Services
  • Planitax, Emeryville, CA                           Corporate Tax and Audit Management Solutions

The company is proud to announce clients who are engaging for roll-out campaigns:

  • Cyveillance, Arlington, VA                On-Line Risk Management Solutions
  • Acclaris, Tampa, FL                                 Business Process Outsourcing Solutions
  • Akamai, Cambridge, MA                    Website Performance Optimization Solutions
  • TANDBERG USA, Reston, VA                    Video Systems and Services
  • D&B, Short Hills, NJ                                     Business Information Provider
  • LRN, Los Angeles, CA                             Corporate Legal Compliance Services

SimplyDIRECT is known for the company it keeps.   That is, a client truly become a client once it has positively evaluated a vendor’s offerings, and acknowledges value in their investment.   These companies, and others, are a testament to SimplyDIRECT’s commitment to delivering value to their customers on every engagement.

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