Company on Pace for Record-Breaking Year

October 12, 2004 – Sudbury, MA Some companies emerge from the doldrums and brag about how they’ve reduced their losses or again attained profitability, but SimplyDIRECT announced today that despite the economic unpleasantness of the last three years, it is on pace to have record-breaking revenues.

As a point of context, even though 2001-2003 were challenging years, at its worst the company only saw revenues dip about 18%.

“Necessity is the mother of invention. This forced us to accelerate bringing on-line new technology to streamline our data processes, reduce headcount, and add more services and capabilities,” explained Doug Barth, company president.

“At the moment we’ve got active projects with 22 different companies, and many of them are new clients. I think we’ve reached some sort of critical mass, where we’ve had so many client, so many happy clients, that the magic of word-of-mouth has kicked in. These are the most enjoyable days we’ve ever experienced.”

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