Company Announces Expanded Database Building Services

May 1, 2004 – Sudbury , MA SimplyDIRECT announced today that it had introduced new technology to leverage its ability to build, update or expand target databases. With the upgraded capabilities – built upon the backbone of its closed-loop, survey-based lead generation system – SimplyDIRECT can more effective match clients’ raw records, rationalize them, assign unique identifiers, append with relevant account information (such as SIC codes and revenues) and, of course, add in deduped contact names.

“Most clients seeking database services ask the wrong questions,” explained Chuck Khuen , a principal with SimplyDIRECT. “They ask how many names in our master database or what titles we maintain. Those are fair questions and, parenthetically, we have as much as any other source since we subscribe to all common subscription-based services and what we don’t have we’ll research and build – but issues such as matching and formatting are the real distinguishing strengths.”

Many other leading information providers are great at selecting and delivering data, but they can be expensive or incapable of taking client data, deduping it, matching it against theirs, and generally doing any meaningful data manipulation required to get that data in a format where it can be imported back into the client’s source system.

“It isn’t sexy. It isn’t something you can easily crow about like the number of names in your database. But doing the basic pick and shovel work of data handling is where SimplyDIRECT outshines other basic information providers,” said Khuen. “And our new technology greatly enhances our ability to do this.”

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