Three Steps to Revive Dormant Leads

Leads who are no longer responding to marketing tactics might seem like dead-ends. If they never progress beyond their initial opt-in (when they downloaded a white paper or attended a webinar), do you scrap these names and start over? At SimplyDIRECT, we don’t think so.

Napoleon Was Right

I heard it again last night. I was attending a marketing meeting, but this time it was a meeting of volunteers whose mission was to recruit physicians for a local free medical clinic. “Let’s try social media!” was the theme…
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SimplyDIRECT Good News About Climate Change

While SimplyDIRECT regrets the pain of the current chilly economic climate, it sees signs that the climate is already warming.. Maynard – December 7, 2011 – There are segments in the market that are healthier than others, either lagging the…
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Boiling the Ocean Versus Spearfishing

I’ve been guilty of doing way too much spearfishing in my career. But, my God, does it work! You draw up a list of the tastiest accounts you’d like to have, the ones that have it all: marquee value, deep…
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The Art and Science of Prospecting

SimplyDIRECT helps you identify, engage and qualify prospects with maximum precision through custom database building and survey-based lead generation. We’re on the cutting edge of account-based marketing. SimplyDIRECT was early to recognize that marketers can’t afford a shotgun approach to…
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SimplyDIRECT Breaks 15 Year Record

First Quarter Revenue for 2011 marked the highest revenue in the 15 year history of SimplyDIRECT. Maynard, MA – April 15, 2011 – SimplyDIRECT started 2011 by setting another record for revenue for the company.  The record comes as the…
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SimplyDIRECT Will End 2010 with Record Revenue

“While 2010 will be a record year for the company, we believe 2011 will see tremendous growth with the addition of Brian Perks, our Vice President of Sales,” said Lisa Vitale, President of SimplyDIRECT. “Brian’s extensive experience in lead generation and databases with Jigsaw and fills in the final piece needed to make SimplyDIRECT the complete marketing partner for our clients”.

SimplyDIRECT Leads Industry in Database Accuracy

As the number of database and list providers increase, SimplyDIRECT continues to lead with the highest accuracy

Tighter Budgets Mean Need for Better Qualified Leads

“Anyone can build you a database of names and numbers, what is important is determining if the list contains truly qualified leads for the sales team,” said Doug Barth, Founder of SimplyDIRECT. “We have focused on providing the highest quality databases with industry leading accuracy and survey-based lead generation that guarantees pre-qualified leads. This is why we are recognized by our clients for providing the highest return for their marketing dollars.”

SimplyDIRECT to end 2009 with Record Revenue

SimplyDIRECT is experiencing solid growth and will end 2009 with record revenue. “It seems to really come down to three things, explained Lisa Vitale, SimplyDIRECT’s president.

SimplyDIRECT Expands Management Team

October 1 2009 – Maynard, MA As tribute – and commitment – to its growth and success, SimplyDIRECT has recently added to its management team. The additions will help to accelerate the company’s growth and success. Effective October 1, 2009…
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The Good News about Climate Change

April 10 2009 – Sudbury, MA While SimplyDIRECT regrets the pain of the current chilly economic climate, it sees signs that the climate is already warming. There are segments in the market that are healthier than others, either lagging the…
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SimplyDIRECT Salutes the Engines of Growth: 16 new clients invest in database marketing

February 12, 2009 – Sudbury, MA No one likes a show-off, but SimplyDIRECT is pleased to announce that 2009 is off to a recession-defying start with the return of clients to the engaging of new clients. “There’s no question that…
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SimplyDIRECT offers marketing solutions for a down economy

January 11, 2009 – Sudbury, MA “I’ve cut everything in my budget except SimplyDIRECT.” So explains Oonagh O’Regan, Director of Marketing for Vaultus, provider of mobile application access solutions. Except for those marketing departments who’ve stopped all spending, maintaining forward…
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First Four Months See Explosion in Activity for SimplyDIRECT

April 22, 2008 – Sudbury, MA In the first four months of 2008, SimplyDIRECT added 11 new clients for its database-building and lead generation service offerings. “It seems that marketing departments today are all doing database marketing,” explained company president,…
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SimplyDIRECT Leads in the Custom-building of Premium Databases

September 4, 2007 – Sudbury, MA—SimplyDIRECT is emerging as the premier provider of custom-built databases. Clients depend on the company to build them the right names, in the right companies, with high-accuracy email, postal and phone contact data. Custom database…
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SimplyDIRECT Finds Cure for Summertime Blues

August 29, 2007 – Sudbury, MA—Instead of the traditional summer slowdown in marketing activities, SimplyDIRECT is riding a tsunami of new assignments and new clients. “Clearly, we’ve achieved critical mass,” explained company CEO Doug Barth. “Marketing departments have embraced our…
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SimplyDIRECT Creates High-Response Lead Nurturing Systems

August 28, 2006 – Sudbury, MA SimplyDIRECT announced today the formal release of a service that nurtures leads using content automatically created by the system. “This is really cool,” said Doug Barth, company president. “It’s a closed-loop cycle for lead…
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SimplyDIRECT Achieves On-Going Assignments

March 16, 2006 – Sudbury, MA As often represents the strength of a company’s service offerings, SimplyDIRECT has been successful at retaining and growing key clients. The marketing services the company offers are complementary, so it is no surprise that…
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SimplyDIRECT Expects Fast Growth after Doubling Revenues in 2005

January 6, 2006 – Sudbury, MA Due to a 72% growth in revenue from 2004 to 2005, SimplyDIRECT’s president, Doug Barth expects continued growth in 2006. “Every indication points to a very strong year ahead,” he said. “Almost all of…
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